SPMS Defibrillator

The Springburn Park Men’s Shed was given the equipment following a call from the Scottish Men’s Shed Association (SMSA) to more than 190 Men’s Sheds to apply for one of the Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).The AED, which retails at more than £1500, can be accessed by anyone using the park.  Tom Bennett, secretary of Springburn Park Men’s Shed, said he knows from personal experience how important the equipment can be.Tom lost a friend to a heart attack and believes he might have been saved if a defibrillator had been on hand. He said: "Knowing this device is readily accessible gives reassurance should the worst happen. "I lost a friend to a heart attack. "Maybe if a defibrillator had been available he would still be with us today."

Tom says Shedders are "delighted" to have received the defibrillator through the SMSA's partnership with St Andrew's First Aid.He said: “It’s so important to have life-saving equipment on tap.“Our Trustees discussed the need for an AED located within our park some time ago and we have been actively trying to source one.“We know that after someone has a heart attack every second counts and having an AED onsite could save the life of one of our Shedders or any other member of the public using Springburn Park.“We have put signage outside our Men’s Shed and we hope, with the help of our local councillors and GCC Parks Department, more signposting can be installed in Springburn Park to make all park users aware of its location.”

The newly installed defibrillator is currently located inside a portacabin but Tom says the Men’s Shed will appeal to local councillors to fund an outdoor cabinet so the life-saving equipment can be easily accessed by anyone in the park at any time of day.